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I would like a recruiter to contact me.

And I hereby request that any information about the Tennessee State Guard be sent to me at any of the addresses listed below


The 'Tennessee State Guard' is looking for a few good Tennesseans.   If you would like to serve and help your fellow Americans then come and join us at our next drill !

Maj. Mason Ezzell, 2nd Lt. John Thompson and 2nd Lt. Lenda Wagner would like to encourage you to consider volunteering for the Tennessee State Guard. Any citizen of Tennessee between the ages of 17 and 67 without a criminal record and not currently enlisted in any active or reserve of the Armed Forces of the United States may join the Tennessee State Guard. Personnel with prior military service are given preference. As a volunteer member of the





Tennessee State Guard, you will not receive pay for attending drills or other routine missions and community service projects. However, you will receive training in a variety of skills and be provided an opportunity to hone those skills. Prior service members can recapture that camaraderie not found elsewhere and non-prior service members will learn the meaning of being part of a military organization. Drills are one weekend a month plus an Annual Training drill of one three-day weekend.

Enlistment in the Tennessee State Guard is similar to enlistment in any branch of military service. However, unlike the Active/Reserve Military Forces or the National Guard the Tennessee State Guard can only be activated at the order of the Governor or Adjutant General of the State of Tennessee.

There is no minimum enlistment period and members who find that the State Guard is not for them may submit a letter resignation at any time. Unless otherwise warranted, an Honorable Discharge will be granted...



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